TARMAKBiR’s Brief on Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey

Dear Colleagues,

TARMAKBİR as Turkey’s foremost association in charge of conducting the country’s foreign economic relations about agricultural machinery with the rest of the world, we felt the obligation to inform you with regards to unfortunate events happened in Turkey this weekend.

On the evening of July 15th, a small fraction within the Turkish Armed Forces tried to engage in a coup, particularly in Ankara and İstanbul. Throughout the process all the political parties and the Members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Turkish business community, Turkish civil society, media and the people of Turkey stood firmly behind the Turkish democracy, the Constitution, Turkey’s democratic politics and her democratic institutions.
The President, the Prime Minister, Turkish Government, Members of Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Turkish people together defeated the coup attempt and stood by democracy and the rule of law.
The simple and clear conclusion drawn from this attempt was, there is no power over the power of the people.
By now, everything is under control. We strongly believe that Turkey and Turkish democracy will emerge reinforced by this incident.
As TARMAKBİR, our priority is to continue on our business as usual and help our economy to overcome potential effects as quickly as possible.
We will always be at your disposal for any question or further clarification.

Tarmakbir- The Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers

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Bizi Takip Edin

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