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Şenol Önal; “In The Interest of Our National Food Safety, Maintenance and Repair Services for Agricultural Machinery Should Never Be Interrupted!

Şenol ÖNAL, TARMAKBİR Executive Chairman, last week issued a statement about the scope of the emergency measures taken for COVID-19 as infections increase dramatically. ÖNAL stated that “In the days ahead, in case new restrictive measures are taken in order to ensure our national food safety, free movement is vital not only for after-sales services departments of our agricultural machinery industry but also for the production units that provide goods to these departments and the authorized services of the companies”.

Şenol ÖNAL pointed out the similar measures that have started to be taken in the European Union and said that  “As per the official updates, the agricultural machinery industry has been shortlisted for top priority to be taken economic stimulus and measures in Italy as of last Sunday evening after Belgium and Spain. That's why we want the necessary measures to be taken in advance. ” Önal added that they had reached out to the relevant authorities in this regard.



As COVID-19 continues to spread, some measures are ranged up for the outbreak with each passing day. Plainly, some statements indicate new restrictive measures to be taken in the upcoming days. On the other hand, the agricultural activities -by their distinctive Dynamics- should depend on a specific working schedule, suggesting that there should be a freedom for agriculture in possible measures. For instance, seeds are brought together with soil within certain sowing periods. Earliness and late harvesting may cause product and quality losses.

Regarding pest control, precautions are taken for unscheduled spraying against situations that are not expected, or measures may be required immediately when a frost warning is received for fruit trees. In other words, many agricultural activities need to be done in instant time frames. For this very reason, if the mechanization tools used in agricultural production fail, the repair needs to be done immediately and therefore the intervention to the process is carried out in the field through mobile services. It is important to ensure that our food safety is exempted from the implementation of the after-sales services departments of the agricultural machinery industry, the production units that supply products to these departments and the authorized services of the companies, if measures are taken to prevent general circulation in the region or across the country. Similarly, it is stated by experts that it is important to take measures to ensure that the supply chain for spare parts is not disrupted.


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