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TARMAKBİR Affiliates with China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association CAMDA to Assemble Virtual Business-To-Business Matchmaking for New Opportunities!

Virtual Trade Delegations (B2B) will be scheduled jointly by two national Associations to generate business and investment opportunities on overseas markets in today’s pandemic environment, involving simultaneous disruptions to both export and import in an interconnected world economy.

The Ministry of Trade-initiated program was arranged in cooperation with MAİB. TARMAKBIR has concentrated on program works, and a preliminary request will be collected to determine the countries and participators after an announcement.

However, prior to this study, a mutual understanding was reached with the China Agricultural Machinery Distributors Association CAMDA to organize a remote access B2B program in the organization of our Association.


Last year farm equipment import indicated 780 million USD (680 million USD excluding tractors) in China. In fact, it was expected to develop much more, because of the transformation from traditional to modern agriculture *, labor transfer from rural to urban after increasing industrialization, continuous increase in prices of agricultural products. Besides, as it is prioritized as one of the 10 sectors, the farm machinery industry is supported with national policy and significant grant support programs ** for agriculture. Hence, as of the end of September, the cumulative sum from medium and large-scale tractor sales (> 25 hp)  increased by 15 percent as against the previous year and reached 272 thousand units. In terms of equipment sales, market penetration has followed an upward trend. For example, 654 thousand various soil preparation machines with an increase of 28 percent, 117 thousand seeders with an increase of 16 percent, 201 thousand combine harvesters with an increase of 14 percent, 21 thousand balers with an increase of 3 percent, 31 thousand straw machines with an increase of 8 percent were sold, in the January-September period.

In bilateral business meetings, which are intended to be held in the first half of January,  operational cooperations and the trade between companies will be assessed on request. it is planned that each Member accepted to the program will be matched with 2 or 3 Chinese companies.

In the first stage, the preliminary requests will be collected and the participation form must be filled in completely and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 25 November 2020 at the latest - with confirmation of receipt. After the evaluation, consolidated requests will be shared with CAMDA. Similarly, company matches will be made after the demands collected by CAMDA are also evaluated. Detailed information including the organization participation fee will be announced in the coming days.

*Approximately 110 million hectares of grain, 4.70 million hectares of cotton, and 14 million hectares of oilseed are cultivated in China.
**As of October 31, the Chinese government has allocated approximately USD 3 billion for the purchase of agricultural machinery. The support budget increased by 47 percent compared to the previous year, 1.975.400 agricultural enterprises benefited from the program and 2.290.900 various types of agricultural machinery were included in the farmer inventory.


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