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Import Legislation and Tariff Schedule for 2021 Concerning Farm Equipment!

The 2021 Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule and some import regulations related to our industry are presented below.

1. You can access 2021 Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule classified into Statistical Positions (Decree No: 3345) via the link.

2. Legislations regarding our industry within the scope of foreign trade practices published in the Official Gazette dated December 31, 2020.

Import Regime Decree (Decree No: 3350): While the import principles were updated in the legislation, customs tax rates were announced repeatedly. More details about the legislation can be accessed from the link.

Decree on Implementation of Additional Customs Tax on Imports (Decree No: 3351): This legislation covers additional taxes imposed on imports in 2020 and previous periods. Regarding the legislation, depending on the product and the country, there is an additional customs tax of 5 to 10 percent on non-tractor farm equipment, 16.8 percent on single-axle tractors and 21 percent on tractors. EU countries and Venezuela, Tunisia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, EFTA Countries, Faroe Islands, Morocco, Palestine, South Korea, Georgia, Israel, Montenegro, Macedonia, Malaysia, Egypt, Moldova, Mauritius, Serbia, Singapore and Chile originating products are exempted from the legislation. In line with the temporary articles, there are exemptions for products loaded before 01.01.2021 (Please check the legislation). Products imported from the UK will be subject to the customs tax scale in the "Other Countries" section and will be imported under collaterals as customs tax and housing development fund until the “Free Trade Agreement” between Turkey and the UK enters into force (Please refer to the legislation). The Free Trade Agreement is expected to be put into effect within 2-3 weeks.

Communiqué on Control of Conformity with Standards in Imports on Product Control (Product Safety and Audit: 2021/1): Please click on the link for further details.
Notification of Import Control of Some Products with "CE" Mark (Product Safety and Control: 2021/9): Please click on the link for further details.
Communiqué on Import of Used or Renewed Goods (Import: 2021/9): Please click on the link for further details.
Communiqué on the Import of Road Vehicles (Import: 2021/7): Please click on the link for further details.


 All import notifications can be accessed from the links:



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