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Amendment in Type Approval Regulations of Agricultural and Forestry Machinery!

Regulations for type approvals of agricultural and forestry machinery have been amended. Lately, the amended regulations were published in the Official Journal.

Regulation on the Amendment of the Type Approval of Agricultural and Forestry Vehicles on Brake Requirements (AB/2015/68)
Regulation on the Amendment of the Type Approval on the Conditions Regarding the Environmental and Drive Unit Performance of Agricultural and Forestry Vehicles (AB/2015/96) 
Regulation Amending the Type Approval on Functional Safety Requirements of Agricultural and Forestry Vehicles (AB/2015/208)
Regulation Amending the Type Approval and Market Surveillance and Inspection of Agricultural and Forestry Vehicles (AB/167/2013)


According to the amended regulations:

The exercise date of the 167/2013 framework legislation previously stated as 01 April 2021 for the new vehicles which has a type-approval, has been postponed for 3 months.

As for agricultural and forestry machines, the effective date (Phase IIIB transition) which was 01 April 2021, has been changed to 01 July 2021 for engines between 37 kW ≤ P <56 kW and the relevant aforementioned types depending upon the emission transition provisions.

Under the provisions regarding agricultural and forestry vehicles and engines present to the market in the flexibility plan, the completion rate which exceeds the Phase IIIB time limit has been increased to 80% from 20% and the completion rate in the Phase IIIB has been also increased to 80 percent from 20 percent.

Test reports from technical services authorised by EU bodies will be valid until 31.12.2021 for national type approval purposes.

In terms of Phase V, Regulation on Gas and Particulate Pollutant Emission Limits and Requirements for Type Approval for Internal Combustion Engines assembled on Non-Road Moving Machines (2016/1628 / EU) and (EU) 2018/985 and (EU) 2018/986 published in the Official Journal on 11.09.2020 with no.31241, will be valid for the vehicles produced in Turkey as of 01.01.2023.


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