“Avrupa Tarımı ve Kırsal Alanları için Akıllı ve Sürdürülebilir Bir Dijital Gelecek” Deklarasyonu İmzalandı!

Published on 15 April 2019

Geçtiğimiz hafta, Avrupa Komisyonu tarafından düzenlenen “Digital Day 2019/ Dijital Gün 2019” etkinliği kapsamında, 24 AB Üye Devleti tarafından “Avrupa tarımı ve kırsal alanları için akıllı ve sürdürülebilir bir dijital gelecek” isimli bir deklarasyon imzanmıştır.  


Konya Agriculture 2019 Drew Heavy Attention of Foreign Visitors!

Published on 05 April 2019

KONYA AGRICULTURE 2019, the 17th Conference and Exposition for Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies which is Turkey’s largest conference and trade show, ended last month. Across the 5-day exhibition, nearly 300,000 people from more than 101 nations around the world, including buyers, participated in Konya Agriculture at the TUYAP International Convention Center in Konya, March 19-23. 


Outlook for the Fiscal 2018: "Vague Decline" in World Tractor Market!

Published on 04 April 2019

The European agricultural machinery market closed the year with a decline. Therefore, the expectations about tractor market for 2019 are not positive with respect to this results. Countries like U.S, India, Brazil and Russia had a notable performance that resulted in an upward change but while a negative view loomed for Turkey and China in 2018. 


WANTED: Industry to get involved in Farm Demonstration Activities

Published on 13 March 2019

Are you interested or involved in Farming Demonstration activities? Do you want to know more about this subject? Would you like to reach a wider audience to the demonstration activities you realize or plan to? 


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