Tractor Sales Decreased by 33% in May As Against the Same Period of 2018!

Published on 19 July 2019

The provisional report released by TÜIK states that 2.229 tractors have been registered with model years 2018 and 2019 to the Traffic Supervision Bureau in May 2019. There was a sharp decline in the number of tractors being registered in May, down 33% compared to 2018.


Turkey's Ag-Machinery Exports up by %21 in April

Published on 15 May 2019

The foreign trade data report in the Machinery Sector states that the total value of exports during the period between January and April increased by 21% compared to 2018 and reached 306 million USD. This value is all-time high for the Turkish agricultural machinery industry. These figures do not include export of tractor components. With this data, our sector ranked 6th among 22 sectors in national machinery export.  


Agrievolution 2019 Summit: Spain to host the 7th World Agricultural Machinery Event

Published on 26 April 2019

Agrievolution is a “Global Alliance” in which made up of national agricultural machinery associations and organizations all around the world. The 7th of the World Agricultural Machinery Summit will be hosted by ANSEMAT (National Association of Agricultural, Forestry and Landscape Machinery of Spain), on 01-02 October 2019, in Madrid and Valencia. 


“Avrupa Tarımı ve Kırsal Alanları için Akıllı ve Sürdürülebilir Bir Dijital Gelecek” Deklarasyonu İmzalandı!

Published on 15 April 2019

Geçtiğimiz hafta, Avrupa Komisyonu tarafından düzenlenen “Digital Day 2019/ Dijital Gün 2019” etkinliği kapsamında, 24 AB Üye Devleti tarafından “Avrupa tarımı ve kırsal alanları için akıllı ve sürdürülebilir bir dijital gelecek” isimli bir deklarasyon imzanmıştır.  


Bizi Takip Edin

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