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WANTED: Industry to get involved in Farm Demonstration Activities

Are you interested or involved in Farming Demonstration activities? Do you want to know more about this subject? Would you like to reach a wider audience to the demonstration activities you realize or plan to? 


Introduction: NEFERTITI is a unique 7 M€ Network (selected under Horizon 2020, Societal Challenge 2, RUR 12-2017 call) comprising 32 partners and coordinated by ACTA, the head of Network of the French Agricultural Technical Institutes. The project establishes 10 interactive thematic networks and brings together 45 regional clusters (hubs) of demo-farmers and actors involved (advisors, NGOs, industry, education, researchers and policy makers) in 17 countries.NEFERTITI focuses on creating added value from the exchange of knowledge, actors, farmers and technical content between networks in order to boost innovation uptake and to improve peer to peer learning and network connectivity between farming actors across Europe. The project addresses 10 themes that have been chosen based on key concerns of the farming communities. Together they cover a balanced range of topics in the three main agricultural sectors: animal production, arable farming and horticultural production.

Project objectives: NEFERTITI’s main objective is to promote the role of demonstration in farms all around Europe. To achieve this goal, NEFERTITI has set several objectives:
Developing Dynamic Action Plans by identifying the needs of demonstration actors and networks;
Supporting cycles of demo-activities and peer-to-peer learning in the regional hubs that will be established involving all relevant AKIS actors;
Establishing a web-based platform including knowledge reservoirs related to demo-activities;
Establishing and sustaining interactive thematic networks at regional, national and EU levels to boost knowledge exchanges and cross fertilisation;
Fostering the learning process of all actors involved in demo-activities;
Improving the policy dialogue;
Promoting effective use of demo-and network activities.

Consortium: Among the participants, coordinated by ACTA, the head of Network of the French Agricultural Technical Institutes, 32 partners coming from 17 European countries and representing farmers, advisors and actors working in the field, including: INRA Transfert, IFOAM-EU, The James Hutton Institute, Tuscany Region, TEAGASC – the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Stichting Wageningen Research, the Instituto Navarro de Tecnologias e Infraestructuras Agroalimentarias, the Flanders research institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (EVILVO), and three Institutes from the ACTA network (ARVALIS, IDELE and IFV).


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