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AgriVirtual Agricultural and Livestock Machinery Virtual Exhibition Will Bring All Manufacturers and Exporters Together Between 22 and 26 June

Published on 19 June 2020

AgriVirtual Agricultural and Livestock Machinery Virtual Exhibition will be opened with the support of the our Ministry of Trade on June 22, 2020 in cooperation with Selçuk University and Machinery exporters’ Association, and it will be conducted in digital media on the official website.


The Inaugural of Konya Agriculture 2020 International Expo will be Held between 08-12 September

Published on 01 June 2020

KONYA AGRICULTURE 2020, 18th Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Trade Fair, which is planned to be held at KTO-TÜYAP Konya International Expo Center between 02-06 June 2020, with the cooperation of our institution TARMAKBİR and TÜYAP, once again postponed to 08-12 September 2020 in compliance with the recommendations of "National Science Council", established under the Ministry of Health, and the decision conveyed by the Ministry of Commerce to "Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union".


Şenol Önal; “In The Interest of Our National Food Safety, Maintenance and Repair Services for Agricultural Machinery Should Never Be Interrupted!

Published on 10 April 2020

Şenol ÖNAL, TARMAKBİR Executive Chairman, last week issued a statement about the scope of the emergency measures taken for COVID-19 as infections increase dramatically. ÖNAL stated that “In the days ahead, in case new restrictive measures are taken in order to ensure our national food safety, free movement is vital not only for after-sales services departments of our agricultural machinery industry but also for the production units that provide goods to these departments and the authorized services of the companies”.


Exports Continued to Rise in February!

Published on 23 March 2020

The foreign trade data in the Machinery Sector were announced recently. The total value of exports in February increased by 13% compared to 2019 and reached 170 million USD. This value is all-time high in the Ag-Machinery industry. These figures do not include export of tractor components / parts. With this data, our sector ranked 5th among 22 sectors in general machinery export.


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